Oh How We've Grown


   It's been a while since we've posted anything due to some major renovations at the studios for the past three months. From constructing walls to curating a natural light studio, it's been a whirlwind of activity here at EQ paired with a lot of sleepless nights. 
  With that being said, we wanted to say thank you to those who have continued to book the studios even when we were under construction. You saw the framework of an unfinished wall, the endless panels of soundproof foam, the half-built equipment room, and the patio area turn into a storage facility. Through all of this chaos Hector, Andrew, Melvin, Steven, and myself always found a way to get things done and, to be honest, you were always in the back of our minds. 
   We wanted the new space to feel more welcoming. So we converted the lobby and our office into a shared space, which means if you need something, you can always find someone to help. No more running around the warehouse to find where we've hidden the forks!
   We've all had our hands on different projects throughout the past three months, and we are particularly proud of the improvements we've made to the studio as a whole. Yet the largest project of all was soundproofing Studio A. It took a week and a half just to remove the foam panels from the old Studios B, C, and the lobby. A lot of muscle and a jerry-rigged scrapper was used to pry those pesky panels off the ceiling. Now, Studio A is covered in sound panels (minus the floor of course, cause I doubt anyone wants to film in a bouncy house). Adding the soundproof panels has helped dampen the outside noise, and we'll be improving the sound situation on as time goes on. 
   The next big project was the natural light studio, which was something you guys always requested. After moving out of Studio B and C, we decided that it would be worth it to offer a natural light solution and the back patio was the perfect option. Now what was once a storage deck is now a beautifully lit studio with plenty of character and its, soon to be, own little outdoor lobby. We're planning for a colorful bohemian vibe with plants arranged throughout the space. You'll see photos of the finished lobbies a little later. 
   It's been a long process to get the studios up and running again but at the end of the day we realized that every change was to make the studios better. At the end of the day, we learned how to work better as team, we discovered opportunity where others saw dead-ends, and realized that it's you, our clients, that allow us to encompass our passion into a dwelling of creativity and openness. 

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