The Story Behind The Block

   As you’ve probably heard, we’ve been given the incredible opportunity to air The Block on The CW 6 San Diego. It’s a milestone that everyone on the team dreamed of but couldn’t quite wrap our heads around. We all thought, sure, being on TV would be great but how exactly would we get there? Yet, here we are; announcing that The Block will begin airing April 2nd at 6:00 am on The CW 6 San Diego.

  It's a surreal feeling knowing that this journey began with a simple phone call from a man who had unfathomable dreams. That man was Melvin Parker, the Founder and Producer of The Block TV.

  Hector Ramos, Owner of EQ Studios, met Melvin a month before that fateful phone call. He was looking for a production team that could help him create a show that would tell the inspirational stories of influential people with ties to San Diego. It was an idea that mimicked the "Back To Basics" series we had created, and it immediately caught Hector's attention. After a month hiatus, Hector received a phone call from Melvin stating he was ready to start filming as soon as possible. Within a few weeks, we had our first interview with Knit Wit, the music producer of the Fox Television hit show “Empire”. We ended up shooting the interview on the roof of the studios with the sun fading behind the Coronado bridge. It was the start of something none of us realized would take us so far.

   After we completed the interview, our team felt a sense of pride. We were finally creating content that was sincere and honest to the core. Our goal was to create interviews that allowed our subjects to be storytellers, not sellers. We wanted them to share their hardships, accomplishments, and future endeavors so our audience could sense their sincerity and feel inspired. After Knit Wit, we never stopped working, and two years later we can say that all of our hard work, including endless nights of editing and planning, have finally paid off.

    So thank you for following our journey and for your incredible support. We invite you to SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT, and continue to see who we feature next. Who knows, it could be you! Be Inspired.

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